Does your fridge have a vegetable crisper or a vegetable composter?

Some days I would have to admit we have the later! I rush home with the groceries whilst dealing with a young infant or after work and in my haste throw everything into the fridge as fast as I can only to neglect last weeks remaining veg. No doubt, some of you can agree. Two kilos of freshly purchased potatoes and onions squashing my delicate strawberries to jam. Oops!

Crisper Crisper2

We have tried various plans with our crisper. New purchases in the left hand side and last weeks in the right hand side; Leafy greens and delicates in one side with heavy root veg in the other; and finally leafy greens, delicates and cut veg in the fridge with uncut root vegetables in the pantry. Nothing has worked so safe to say we have a Vegetable Composter!

I am sick and tired of throwing wasted fruit and veg to our chooks. Whist it keeps my feathered flock happy, it is nothing but wasteful and expensive. Let face it, quality fruit and veg isn’t cheap.

I have now resorted to only buying my fruit and vegetables from a local market grower close to home. It is out in the middle of the main highway away from any other form of shop. Whilst it needs a special trip, it’s good because they sell quality fruit and vegetables at a considerably cheaper price than our local supermarket chains. I also love the fact I am supporting a local business and getting service. I don’t know how many times I have made a purchase at the local supermarket only to have the young checkout operator ask “What is this?”

It is also a bonus because I only make the trip when I need to and only purchase what I need for the week ahead. This makes me use everything I have on hand first before buying extra. This also refers back to my blog about Meal Planning. It’s so tempting to grab veg whilst at the supermarket but when I do this, I tend to have a fridge full of potatoes, onions and nothing else. I find it also costs more than grabbing at the market.

There are a few meals I make with vegetables that may not be super fresh and salad worthy. I make meals that use up all that I can. Having a Vegetarian meal once a week is a fantastic way of not only using up old veg but also cuts the food bill by reducing expensive meat. Baby Spinach is cooked and bean sprouts and cucumber become pickled Kimchi (pickled cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts and red onion). Dishes regularly include stirfries, vegetable/potato bake, pasta, risotto or soup. Don’t be afraid to throw together what you have to make a meal, you may surprise yourself. We cleaned out our fridge last night and made a great Laksa with odd vegetables such as half a capsicum, a quarter each of broccoli and cauliflower, a dozen snow peas and a handful of mushrooms.

Happy Cooking xxx

🙂 Kelly


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