More than just Mayo

Who doesn’t love a great smear of mayonnaise on a fresh sandwich? But did you know that Mayonnaise is the base of many a great sauce. There is no need to have a multitude of bottles filling up your fridge such as Garlic Aioli, Caesar Dressing, Cocktail or Thousand Island dressing, Tartare Sauce and Honey Mustard Dressing. All you simply need is Mayonnaise and a few extra pantry/fridge ingredients.

If you had one of each in the fridge, you would have an average of $20-$25 of sauce. It really does add up when you think about it. Not to mention the valuable fridge space being consumed with a handfuls of bottles.

I first fell in love with Garlic Aioli when I undertook work experience in a lovely hotel on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. It is there I learnt so much more about Mayonnaise and its versatility…something we never learnt at trade school. I really wish I could go back into a kitchen and leave the safety of my boring Dental job.

Making your own mayonnaise at home is really simple once you master the technique and flavours. I try to keep plain mayonnaise and garlic aioli on hand in the fridge to use as a base sauce in a hurry. Plain for sandwiches because you don’t want garlic on your sandwich and aioli because I find the garlic flavour develops when left. I will never buy mayonnaise again. The flavors are better than store bought, pale, flavourless, preservative filled goo.

Here is my Simple Mayonnaise Recipe. Add the following ingredients to the basic mayo and transform it into a completely different sauce.

  • Aioli = Mayo + Lemon Juice & Crushed Garlic
  • Caesar Dressing = Mayo + Parmesan Cheese, Worcestershire                                               Sauce & Anchovies
  • Tartare Sauce = Mayo + Gherkin (Pickles) & Capers
  • Honey Mustard = Mayo + Honey & Wholegrain Mustard
  • Cocktail Sauce = Mayo + Tomato Sauce & Worcestershire Sauce
  • Burger Sauce = Mayo + Tomato Sauce & Gherkin (Pickles)

Mayonnaise is a great base to experiment and create new and interesting sauces. You can add chilli, lime, herbs, different mustards or vinegars for a fantastic sauce you would never find on the supermarket shelf. A great way to add interest to sandwiches, burgers, potato salad and fish. Hot chips and Aioli is a great combination in my opinion! I find that my mayonnaise will last approximately two weeks in a sealed container in the fridge. In saying that, we normally eat it much quicker.

Experiment and have fun. You might surprise yourself.

Happy Cooking xxx



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