Eggs, Eggs & More Eggs

We proudly own three Isa Brown Chickens. This flock of feathered friends are not only entertaining and low maintenance but also keep us in a steady stream of fresh eggs.Chooks

There however, is a downside to our family friends…we simply can’t eat eggs as quickly as they lay them! Each chicken will lay one egg per day, that’s 21 eggs per week. We will happily send friends and family home with our oversupply when they pop past. I do however try to use them in my cooking as much as possible.

Donna Hay can be quoted from one of her many cookbooks “If you have eggs in the fridge, you have a meal on the table”. This quote is definitely true.

Eggs are versatile ingredients as you can eat them on their own in a multitude of ways such as fried, poached, scrambled, boiled or baked. Eggs also have a sometimes hidden culinary role in aiding to thicken, bind, glaze, aerate, emulsify, clarify and enrich a dish. Eggs are to cooking as Glue, Nails, Screws, Paint and Wood are to Building!

Eggs are highly perishable and start deteriorating as soon as they are laid. So how do you tell if an egg is fresh? The easiest way is to place the egg into a glass of water. If the egg sinks, it is good. If the egg floats, it is not. An eggshell is porous and allows air to penetrate the egg over time creating an air pocket. This is what makes the egg float. Fresher eggs have a much smaller air pocket and hence will not float.

I could blog about eggs forever so I will keep it to the basics this week. Sometime I have to remember it’s all about simple, delicious & cheap before I get carried away with my excitement. I will follow with more in the weeks to come but first, this is what I made this week with my eggs.

For a quick weeknight meal, I will whip up a Frittata or Vegetable Slice. These are great dinner options that use up vegetables and eggs and don’t need the added step of making pastry. For a cheats quick and easy quiche, I will use Filo Pastry. It is lighter in texture but still provides that crispiness that a great pastry base deserves. You can also make your own shortcrust pastry if time permits, as it is cheap to make.

Last week, you may have noticed that Mr. M won a huge 4.5kg Toblerone. We managed to share this amongst family and friends but were still left with a considerable piece. So I decided to make Toblerone Icecream. What better way to combine an oversupply of both chocolate and eggs? It was also an excuse to use my new icecream maker that I received for my birthday in late August. I followed the chocolate icecream recipe as per my icecream maker instructions and folded through chunks of Toblerone at the end before my final deep freeze. I understand that not everyone has an icecream maker so I have my no-churn Parfait recipe here that is just as good without the need of a machine.

Happy Cooking xxx

🙂 Kelly


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