Quiche for Cheats

Time to blog has been a little rare and as a result, I have been distracted, my apologies. Between trying to be Supermum and trying to keep my boss happy, I’m also trying to organize Mr. M’s 40th birthday, Miss A’s 1st birthday and trying to redo the backyard before the new shed and Christmas arrive. This is a follow on from my previous post about my abundance of fresh eggs.

Quiche is an easy weeknight dinner but takes time when you make your own shortcrust pastry. Homemade shortcrust pastry is light and crumbly and makes a great quiche base but who has the time after work, dealing with kids and doing household chores? Some days I feel I should be starting dinner prep at lunchtime!

The solution is simple! Frozen pastry is a great time saver if you want a traditional base. For a lighter alternative I will use Filo Pastry. Filo Pastry requires a little more work when buttering and layering but the added steps produce a golden brown, crisp pastry case. I am more than happy to make my own shortcrust pastry but refuse to make Filo or Puff Pastry (although I had previously) as the low cost and convenience factor well out way the time and muscle needed. You can find my Filo Quiche recipe here.

Friends of ours also have chickens so there are eggs a plenty. Mrs. Friend was dealing with a family issue interstate, so Mr. Friend rang here wanting to know how to make pastry. So here is my simple shortcrust pastry recipe. My sister also likes to make quiche for fingerfood but can never remember the Egg to Cream Ratio. The ratio is really simple to remember for every egg you will need 100ml of cream.

1 Egg: 100ml Cream

Therefore alter the amount depending on the size you need and you’ll never need to reference a cookbook again. For example:

3 Eggs: 300ml Cream

5 Eggs: 500ml Cream

8 Eggs: 800ml Cream

If you stick to this ratio, you will have set custard that doesn’t taste overly eggy. Which is great when you are like me and don’t like eggs! Yes, you read that, I don’t like plain egg and would NEVER eat a fried or boiled egg but will eat Quiche…go figure!!!!

If you are super short on time, or don’t have the ingredients, forget the pastry all together. It’s also marginally better for your waistline. A crust-free Quiche is known as a Frittata.

Happy Cooking xxx

🙂 Kelly


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