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Dinner for $5…Can it really be done???

I am part of the Adelaide Families on A Budget social media group. A lovely lady posted that she needed dinner ideas for $5.00 TOTAL. Whilst there were lots of low cost suggestions like sausages, canned beans and spaghetti on toast, it really got me thinking. Can we really provide a balanced, tasty meal for $5.00?

When I think of a balanced meal I think it should include vegetables, a source of protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a great way of stretching a meal making it both filling and cheap. Use things like rice, pasta, bread, legumes and potatoes. Vegetables are also much cheaper that meat proteins and provide much needed vitamins and minerals.

So on the fly, on a rainy Sunday morning, I put my head to use and came up with a few ideas that in my opinion ticked all the boxes.

Flavour ü Vegetables ü Carbohydrates ü Protein ü Budget ü

Whilst these may not be to everyone’s personal taste, it shows that it can be done. These are suggestions only and take into account individual portions of sauces, herbs and spices used that may already be in the pantry or fridge. Where possible I use supermarket branded items that are a fraction in price of “Brand” name competitors.

This is what I came up with:

Although I wasn’t under $5.00 I was pretty close. My prices also reflect that chicken breast was purchased from the deli counter of the local supermarket. This is one of the cheapest places to purchase not only dollar per kilogram but you can buy singular pieces rather than vacuum-packed trays.